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The results of the Express Entry in 2018

At the beginning of the new year it is normal to sum up the previous year. We decided not to make exceptions and to summarize the work of the Express Entry system.
By the way, many people mistakenly call the Express Entry immigration program. However, it is not. Strictly speaking, the Express Entry is a computerized system for working with a database of candidates who demonstrate their interest in immigrating to Canada by means of filling out a special declaration on the website of the Ministry of Immigration. The Express Entry system itself includes programs divided into three categories (classes) of candidates for immigration, namely: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class. In order to immigrate by one of these programs, it is necessary to meet a number of criteria, such as knowledge of English or French, work experience, education, etc. Each of these criteria is assigned its own value. A profile of candidate can gain a score of 1200 points maximum. Most candidate profiles score 300 to 400 points, while the total number of candidates in the database is slightly less than 100,000 registered profiles. After filling of the declaration of intention to immigrate to Canada on the official website, a prospect Canadian must be patient and wait until his profile to be selected by the system. Draws of invitations are held approximately every two weeks. The Ministry of Immigration sets a minimum passing score. In 2018, this value ranged between 400 and 456 points. If the profile scores are going over a threshold, a candidate receives an invitation to submit documents. The Applicant has only 60 days to confirm his intention to live in Canada. If the candidate doesn’t send the completed application for Permanent residence to the federal authorities of Canada, his profile is closed and he is excluded from the participation in immigration process.

Now, after this introduction, let’s look at what happened to the Express Entry in 2018. It turns out that the outgoing year has something to brag about. In 2018, the Express Entry system issued a record number of invitations to apply for permanent resident status in Canada – 89,800! For comparison, the year of 2017 was also considered as a record one and then 86,023 invitations were sent to those who want to move to Canada. To help you better understand how positive are changes in the work of the Express Entry, we can say that in the first year of operation of the system in 2015, only 31,063 invitations were issued. A year later, the number was 33,782 of invitations.

In this regard, we should mention about a mid-term plan of the federal government to bring more than one million new immigrants to Canada by 2021. It is obvious that the positive dynamics in the work of the Express Entry system in 2017-2018 not only remains in current values, but will be able to set new records in invitations to apply made to potential immigrants in 2019-2020.

While many countries are trying to close u[ their immigration programs, Canada continues to welcome brilliant professionals from all over the world, those who want to change their lives for the better and are ready to work for the benefit of Canadian society.

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