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Pre-removal Risk Assessment

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) is a measure of last resort before removal or deportation, applicable to individuals who previously made a refugee claim and failed the IRB proceedings.

The objective of PRRA is to assess the risk of return to a country where the claimants could face imprisonment, torture, unusual treatment or death because of who they are or what they believe. The difference between PRRA and IRB procedure is that PRRA assesses new evidence that arose after you made your refugee claim or the one that was not reasonably available at the time you made your refugee claim.

In most of the cases, a “One Year Bar” rule applies to PRRA procedure, which means that refugee claimants may not apply for a PRRA unless at least 12 months have passed since their application was rejected at IRB. Nationals of certain countries are exempt from One Year Bar and may apply for PRRA immediately after refusal. The list of those countries changes frequently and mostly determined by a sudden change in country conditions.

Claimants from designated countries are not allowed to apply for PRRA until at least 36 months have passed since their refugee claim. Claimants within Safe Third Country Agreement are not eligible to apply for PRRA at all.

A CBSA officer, responsible for removal, is entitled in exceptional cases to grant a so-called “stay of removal” before you apply for PRRA. If you have been granted a stay of removal, your removal order will be suspended for up to 60 days. If you are not entitled to a stay of removal but the officer still finds you eligible for PRRA and your request well-grounded, you would normally receive only 15 days (in some cases additional 7 days may be granted) to apply for PRRA.

It is crucial to use this extremely short time slot to seek the assistance of a legal representative. Our specialists can quickly and efficiently help you with assessing your chances, writing submissions, putting together important documents and submitting your PRRA application in short terms.

We highly recommend you to urgently book an appointment with us as soon as you receive your removal order.

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