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Removal Order

There are three types of removal orders which can be issued by the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada or the Immigration and Refugee Board.

  1. Departure Order. Usually administered in cases of inland application refusals and provides the applicant with a 30-day period to leave. If you comply with the conditions of the Departure Order, you will face the least severe consequences in case you decide to return or reapply from abroad.
  2. Exclusion Order. Can be administered by immigration authorities in cases of working or studying without proper authorization, overstaying and remaining without status and without proper restoration, etc. Exclusion Order is a result of a serious breach of the immigration law. The individual subject to an Exclusion Order will be excluded from Canada between one and five years, depending on the reason for the exclusion. Exclusion Orders are applied to misrepresentation cases and, as a consequence, a person is barred for five years from applying to enter or remain in Canada, while in practice misrepresentation shuts the gates to Canada completely.
  3. Deportation Order. This type of removal orders has most severe consequences. After 30 days the departure order automatically becomes a deportation order without written notice. A person who is removed under a deportation order will not be allowed to enter or remain in Canada without first obtaining an Authorization to Return. Deportation orders are issued in cases of serious criminality, multiple exclusion orders or failure to leave Canada within the period determined by a departure order.

By hiring a professional who can properly assess your situation, help you to file an Authorization to Return to Canada, evaluate your risks or warn about possible consequences, you may have an advantage over those applicants who try to overcome those obstacles on their own.

If you are facing a removal order or been removed and would like to return to Canada, book a consultation with our specialist.

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