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We are privileged to work on behalf of many wonderful people from all over the world.

IP Immigration testimonials

We are so grateful to you and appreciate all of your hard work, support and guidance through this entire process! Thank you just doesn’t suffice!

J.E. and C.H., Spousal Sponsorship, Montreal, Canada

After so many years, H. is now a permanent resident! We are thrilled with this outcome. It will take a few days for this all to sink in. We are so grateful for your work, and that of your team, in helping us achieve this valuable status.

J.D. and H.V., Spousal Sponsorship, Philippines

“I wanted to let you know that our Work Permits have been approved. Getting them required a lot of work, and your help was fundamental, and I want to tell you that I am very grateful.” A.G., Doctor of Medicine, Argentina

Just to thank you for professionalism, patience and support along a very complicated road with a very successful finish! Thank you so much, Emily and the team, for your knowledge and help with all the necessary steps all the way to the citizenship - the ceremony was very emotional. Thank you. B.E. and O.B.

IP Immigration testimonials

... this is to let you know that I just got the confirmation on my permanent residency application and it was accepted!! So I'm very happy, and thank you very much again for your guidance and help.

E.A., UK | Permanent Residence

IP Immigration testimonials

Our family is very grateful for all the hard work that you and your team accomplished during my grandmothers immigration journey. She is a permanent resident now and we are so happy that we are finally all together.

Karina, Canada | Parents and grandparents sponsorship

IP Immigration testimonials

I would like to congratulate you for your effort to help me get the permanent residents visa.

Jackson B., Kenya | Permanent Residence through spousal sponsorship

IP Immigration testimonials

Dear Emily, It’s great all the help that have provided to us. Thanks a lot for every step you take helping us to walk this immigration path.

C.A. and C.S., Columbia | international students

IP Immigration testimonials

Thank you very much for the amazing news and for the great work you have done.

Enisa D., Albania | Visitor visa

IP Immigration testimonials

Dear Emily, It was such a great presentation yesterday and participants’ feedback is very positive. Everyone in the room seemed engaged and enjoyed it. We really appreciate the effort you have put in leading the session. We know how much time, taken out of your busy schedule, and effort you invested to not only get everything done prior to the seminar date, but to ensure Ometz members - newcomers were comfortable and satisfied with all information they receive at the seminar. It's always a pleasure to work with you and I believe that we are extremely fortunate to have you as a partner and a seminar leader. OMETZ Community Organization, Montreal

OMETZ Community Organization, Montreal | Info Session on Immigration

IP Immigration testimonials

I wanted to let you know that my mother's application for permanent residency has been approved. We received an email confirmation from Warsaw on June 5th. I wanted to thank you for all your support and encouragement during the process. Your services are incredibly knowledgeable and professional.

| Family reunification through parental sponsorship & status renewal

IP Immigration testimonials

Thank you very much for all your hard work! I really appreciate your professionalism and your patience.

Anastasia M., Canada | status restoration

Dear Emilia and the IP immigration team, We are happy to inform you that we have finally collected our passports with Canadian visas! That was the hardest visa challenge in our life. Thank you so much for your strong support! Without you it wouldn’t be possible.

N. & I., Hanoi, Vietnam | Visitor Visa

IP Immigration testimonials

Thanks to you and your team for all the support. You all are really awesome!

L.V., India | Express Entry

IP Immigration testimonials

Big thank you to Emily and the team for all the hard work

Anastasia M., Canada | visitor record for mother (in-Canada application)

IP Immigration testimonials

We would like to thank you again and again. We are very happy. Couldn’t done without you. You have changed our lives.

Matthew & Ketija (Montreal, Canada) Oliver & Vineta (Riga, Latvia) | Family reunification

IP Immigration testimonials

Many many thank you again for your amazing effort. I still cannot believe it! It's a great pleasure working with you, and I don't know how to thank you and your team for everything you have done for me.

Petr, Czech Republic | Work Permit

IP Immigration testimonials

A short note to advise you that my daughter, who will be arriving on Monday from Australia, has been granted her Canadian Citizenship. I would like to thank you and your office for your assistance with the above.

R.K., Australia | Proof of Citizenship

IP Immigration testimonials

Thank you so much for your hard work! We highly praise the professionalism of you and your dedicated team! Big big thank you to you all for helping us to secure a PR status in our new home. Warm regards

Boris and Ekaterina, Israel | Family Reunification

IP Immigration testimonials

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us and for the patience and caring that you have with your clients. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Ben Habshush, Israel | Family Reunification – Spousal Sponsorship

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