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You are planning to invest in Canada, for example, by buying a real estate. Great idea! After all, Canada is one of the safest and most stable countries in the world.

For this important step in your life, you will need a local expert in Canadian real estate market who can help you with the selection and purchase of a real estate, as well as registration of ownership. We are ready to discuss and analyze the needs and budget of every client, refer to the right specialist and facilitate the transaction.

In case you are thinking of a commercial property as a future location of your Canadian business, we will help to evaluate your project through the prism of business immigration and will counsel you with respect to the optimization of such idea.


Some of our clients undertake short-term business trips or a medium-term stay in Canada for the purpose of work or study. In this situation, we can help to choose an affordable temporary accommodation: a room or a small apartment, taking into account your preferred location and the budget. We will pick for you the best of the available housing in the shortest terms.

A purchase of residential property can also be addressed by our experienced partners.

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