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A criminal record may jeopardize your immigration application and become an obstacle to reside, travel, study or work in Canada. Removing your criminal record before you apply for immigration is extremely important – it will prevent any prejudice of the Canadian immigration system against you.

We deal with cases that require rehabilitation or pardon/record suspension. There is a different approach to different types of cases, depending on the nature of conviction, sentence imposed, time elapsed from the completion of sentence, general social profile of the applicant, etc. The Criminal Records Act is used to compare the type of offense and sentence determined for each conviction according to Canadian legislation versus the one used in the applicant’s country. In cases of serious conviction (e.g. sexual assault to a minor, murder, etc.) a pardon can never be granted.

If we submit an application on your behalf, we will first ensure that you are eligible and that your application has a reasonable chance to be processed correctly. It takes time to collect all necessary documents, prepare the pardon/record suspension application, wait for the decision of the Parole Board of Canada (PBC), therefore we recommend to initiate the process as soon as possible.

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