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In the life of every permanent resident of Canada there is a moment when it is time to check the eligibility for Canadian citizenship. This moment should be taken very seriously. Remember, that citizenship is not a right, but a privilege.

To be eligible, since becoming a permanent resident, the individual has to meet the following criteria:

  • have been physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days (equivalent of three years) in the five years preceding the application;
  • for adults – have filed income taxes for any three taxation years within the five years before application;
  • for adults younger than 55 years old – provide a proof of sufficient knowledge (speaking and understanding) of English or French.

The applicants have to count time spent outside Canada and record all the trips in the provided physical presence calculator.

Some applicants can be exempted from the requirement of physical presence in Canada (e.g. Crown Servants, etc.)

Once the application is approved, the applicant needs to take a test to meet the knowledge requirement for citizenship. The questions include topics on Canadian values, history, symbols, political structure, rights, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

Applicants under 18 and over 54 years of age are not obliged to meet the knowledge requirement. They should only attend an interview with a citizenship official.

Those applicants who have a criminal record, have been ordered to leave Canada, have committed misrepresentation, have had their citizenship status revoked, or have not met residency obligation, are not eligible for Canadian citizenship.

We provide assistance with assessment, preparation and execution of citizenship application on behalf of our clients, simulation training for citizenship test, as well as facilitation of the procedure of obtaining citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship) by adopted or biological children of Canadian citizens.

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