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Northwest Territories of Canada

We have already told you, dear readers, about the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and the Atlantic provinces, but today we would like to introduce you a less known, but no less valuable and interesting region, the Northwest Territories. This land is located in the sub-polar region of Canada and is washed by the Arctic Ocean. A visit to the Northern Territories is an absolutely unimaginable type of travel!

Once visiting these places, you will return being got spiritually changed person and take with you unforgettable emotions. The Northwest Territories are not only the brightest point of observation of the northern lights on the planet, but also an excellent alternative way of immigration. This rapidly developing region offers a lot of opportunities for qualified professionals who are keen to invest their knowledge and experience in the economy of the North. In addition, the economy here is based on the richest natural and geological resources: the extraction of gold, diamonds, natural gas and oil; moreover, the fish industry has a very rich potential and is developing rapidly.

The capital of the Northern Territory is Yellowknife and located on the shore of Great Slave Lake (3000 kilometers from the North Pole).

The province offers excellent opportunities for business immigration, for skilled workers (Skilled Workers Stream), as well as for representatives of working professions that are on the Critical Impact Stream list. In the latter of these areas, it is possible to immigrate to unskilled candidates without special education or to people of working professions who are recruited to help the province development. The province offers numerous economic incentives (tax breaks, various integration programs, etc.) to people of working professions who want to immigrate here.

To live in the North, you need to fall in love with this region to the depths of your soul, losing consciousness and it is easy to do – just see the northern lights once, go hunting or fishing with an experienced guide from the locals, look down the emerald waterfall from the rock, hug a century old pine.

For example, the hero of our story, a young man whose name is Daniel Pekar, is an exceptional, subtle, intelligent guy, a talented artist and a passionate photographer who was born and raised in the very heart of skyscrapers of the city of Toronto, but at some point in his career he could not resist tempted to live and work in the North and moved several years ago to the city of Hay River  on the southern shore of the Great Slave Lake.

Working in the North gives a person a lot of opportunities and a very special life experience, one that you cannot find anywhere else. If you have never visited the Northwest Territories of Canada, but you want to feel or at least take a glance at them, then, for a start, visit our office and look at the magical photos of Daniel Pekar hanging on the walls in our office. The young man is so keen on catching the sparkling lights of the northern lights, dancing across the sky, that nothing prevents him from spending long hours in different parts of the region until his super-modern camera captures the perfect picture from an unusual, fascinating perspective.

You will feel such indescribable beauty of Canadian nature that, we hope, the passion for visiting this unique region will be passed on to you, and you will go to where the lakes call crystal clear water, virgin nature offers its untold riches, powerful waterfalls beckon, and amazing people living there, they will awaken your desire to stay and dedicate yourself to the North!

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