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We talked about immigration opportunities across the Atlantic. Now, we are going to talk about immigration to Alberta.

Although the economy of Alberta is experiencing is not the best of its period, the provincial nomination program continues to function for those who need to find an employer or graduate from an educational institution in Alberta.

So, in Alberta, we can offer the following immigration destinations in the Employer-Driven Stream category:
– Alberta Skilled worker: the candidate must have a full-time job offer in category 0, A or B, and the employer must meet a certain criteria for at least one year. The minimum wage that can be offered to a foreign worker in Alberta is $ 26.40 (this is an indicator of the province’s average wage). By the way, the profession of a kindergarten teacher in Alberta is regulated. In other provinces, educators may work without a license.

– Alberta International Graduate: a candidate must successfully complete a college or university program in Alberta, the study program must be at least one-year long; in 0, A, B or C categories from a designated learning institution. There are the requirements for the level of knowledge of the English language.

– Semi-skilled worker in Alberta: for candidates working in various fields of activity: food industry, hotel business, road freight transport, catering sector.

In addition, in Alberta, we can offer the Strategic Recruitment Stream, which enables immigration by engineering occupations (Engineering Occupations Category), various technical professions (Compulsory and Optional Trades) such as a welder, auto mechanic, tower crane operator, hairdresser, plumber, etc. (however, you must first obtain a provincial certification for one of these specialties).

Those candidates who wish to be engaged in agriculture in Alberta and have the opportunity to establish their own farming, get the opportunity to immigrate under a special program Self-Employed Farmer. Investment in your business should be at least CDN $ 500,000.

We will be happy to help with the paperwork in any direction, as well as to advise you, if necessary.

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