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The history of our company has been written for several years, and we have a large number of successful immigration stories behind us. Summing up the results of 2018, we analyzed our work and determined with what results we are seeing this year. As it turned out, the outgoing year was rich in events and interesting with the most diverse stories with which our team had to work. As you know, our services include the whole range of work related to immigration to Canada: from obtaining student or work permits to a humanitarian and compassionate program. We carefully approach to each client, understanding how important and sometimes even fateful our work is.

Summing up, we can proudly say that this approach is bearing fruit, and in 2018 our efficiency index is more than 91% (!) of positive decisions. For our business, this is a very high figure. As you know, immigration decisions are made by government officials can be not only subjective, but also in some way political ones. Therefore, we really have something to be proud of.

Celebrating Christmas and spending the old year in a close circle of our well-coordinated team, we thought about how we were able to achieve such a high result. After all, in fact, when clients tell us their stories at the initial consultation, most of these stories do not look very rosy – otherwise, we wouldn’t been asked for advice. Either the client does not have sufficient knowledge of the language, or his/her experience cannot be officially confirmed, or there are some pitfalls in the form of a long-forgotten criminal record or bankruptcy in the past.

Of course, without careful work on the story, without developing the right strategy underlying in any immigration task, success cannot be achieved. However, the technical part of the work on the file, competent presentation of submissions, facts, details, as well as the careful and professional use of jurisprudence in cover letters, does not play a secondary role in the process. Respectful attitude to officials and possession of deep knowledge of Immigration law – this is what distinguishes our cover letters. Add here the correction of administrative errors that occur in any bureaucratic system. We will spice up all this with the changes (happy and sometimes tragic) that occur in the life of the clients in the process of reviewing the file. In addition, of course, we will turn all this into good luck and positive energy – they are generously supplied with every package that we send to the Ministry of  Immigration for consideration.

We accompany our clients at all stages of the immigration process, starting from the first consultation, ending with the arrival in Canada and the adaptation of our clients within the country. We are very pleased with our results in the outgoing 2018 year and hope that next year we will be able to benefit even more people.

If you want to change your life and the life of your family, come to live, study, work or conduct your business in one of the most developed countries of the world, then the next happy immigration story in Canada can be yours!

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