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A long journey to Canadian citizenship

He was born in Ukraine. His first memories were not the most beautiful ones. When he was a baby, his parents were found unfit to take care of him, so he was placed in foster care. Gloomy, ill-heated orphanage, no toys, no normal food, no smiles, no love, no future…

But he was luckier than other kids abandoned by their parents. At the age of 12 he was adopted by a Canadian couple and flew to Canada to find his new home. His adoptive parents gave him all their love, care, support in difficult situations, education, warm home, good life. He grew up, learned English and French, got many friends, graduated from school, got a profession, started to work, met a girl of his dreams and welcomed to this world a beautiful baby-girl. All this time the young man has never questioned his status in Canada. He had no doubt that he was a Canadian citizen. Until the moment he decided to travel abroad…

When the Passport Bureau informed him that he is not eligible for a passport because he is not Canadian, he felt like it was a bad movie. Twenty years passed since his adoption, his adoptive father has already passed away and the young man had no clue how to fix this situation. He went to a lawyer who, unfortunately, turned out to be a miracle monger. More than four years were wasted, big money spent on an “important work” (which, as turned out later, was never done), some documents got lost, some disappeared… The young man started to feel hopeless to get the ball rolling and knocked at our door to get a “second opinion”.

After thorough verification of this issue in the ministry of immigration, we found out that all those years the client had a status of “landed immigrant” and nothing was done to make him a citizen by adoption.
All required papers were duly submitted, and within a few days (!) we’ve received a citizenship certificate for our client. When he came to pick up his certificate, he told us how happy he was and that this day was like his second birthday. He was sure we’ve made a miracle, but in fact, we just did our job and just got the things done.

Now, getting the passport and going to see other beautiful places in the world will be easy for our client. And this is ironic that Canada became his “true home” 20 years after he was really eligible for it.

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