“IMMIGRATION PROJECT” is a Canadian-based licensed Immigration Firm, offering a complete range of immigration solutions for all types of categories.

Our clients range from business applicants who decide to invest in Canada’s economy and resettle, to individuals seeking to reside, work, study, or reunion with family members in Canada.

Canadian Immigration law is complex, and rules and regulations change often. We offer everything you need to successfully immigrate and make a new life in Canada. We will look after the whole process for you, saving you time and money, and making your move to Canada an easy one.

While providing high quality service, we also reflect the diversity of the clients we meet, offering response in a wide range of languages including but not limited to Russian, Ukrainian, English, French and Hebrew.

Our firm will make sure you get the best possible start to your new life and achieve the Canadian lifestyle you have dreamed about.

Dare the dream – it’s in your hands!